Sherard Van Dyke

This talented artist died 13 november 2021

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'Counterpoint' by Sherard Van Dyke 'Nurture vs. Nature' by Sherard Van Dyke
'Counterpoint' 'Nurture vs Nature'
SHERARD VAN DYKE presents a selection from her jazz-influenced paintings and digital images. During the last several decades, she has had the pleasure of meeting, sketching  & taking photographs of a number of well-known musicians on and off-stage.  Later in her studio, she studies their music along with the photos and sketches, then begins working on a new canvas.
'Homage to Ray Brown' by Sherard Van Dyke 'Es Vedra and Man Ray' by Sherard Van Dyke
'Homage to Ray Brown' 'Es Vedra & Man Ray'

Inspired as much by the Surrealism movement as by the Harlem Renaissance of that same epoch, she blends together mythological puns and symbols of the African American Diaspora, painting them in playful yet significant juxtaposition. Sherard's oil paintings on canvas, mixed media, and limited editions have been extensively exhibited; her work may be found in a number of international, corporate, university, and private collections.

'Sarah Vaughan' by Sherard Van Dyke 'Arnett Cobb' by Sherard Van Dyke
'Sarah Vaughan' 'Arnett Cobb'